Monday, March 26, 2007

God Damned

I feel so shity right now! I am having a conflict with Prom. My "Friend" Sean wants to be more than friends and well I just wanted to be friends and now I am dating this guy whom I have been seriously crushing on for two years. He is like the only guy who can make me laugh when I am in a real shitty mood. Except this time. The whole problem is that Sean had asked me to prom B4 Jesse and I started dating and well I decided I wanted to go with Jesse instead but my parents won't let me. Jesse called my sister last night and well, had her get me up at 11 to call him back and have him tell me to go to prom with sean!! I don't want to go with Sean and it's like going on a date with a guy while i'm dating someone and that really upset me. So if anyone has any suggestions please help!!